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Veterans Buried at Fourmile Cemetery


Armstrong, Clifford G.                   WWII              Army

Armstrong, William M.                 Civil War        Confederate

Cain, Julius E.                                     WWII               Army

Carden, J.L.                                        Civil War         Confederate

Carden L.J.                                         Civil War         Confederate

Carter, Johnnie                               WWII               Army (Killed In Action – Italy)

Clark, Samuel F.                              WWII              Army

Coan, J.C.                                            WWII              Army

Cole, William E                                WWII              Army

Dennis, Fred Jr.                               WWII              Army

Dennis, Kenneth R.                                                   Navy

Dill, Milton J.                                    WWII              Coast Guard

Farmer, Billy E.                                Korea              Army

Farmer, Sam                                     WWII              Army

Farr, James “J.C.” Caughey      WWII              Army

Finley, James F                                                           Army

Goode, Lemuel H.                          Korea              Air Force

Goodwin, Gary D.                          Korea              Air Force

Hall, Bill J.                                          WWII              Navy

Hall, James                                        WWII              Navy

Hall, Warren “Top”                       WWII              Navy

Higginbotham, Burnie L             WWII              Army

Hughs, James Millard                  WWII              Navy

Hughs, Wesley M.                         WWII              Army

Ingram, Lummie L. “Lum”          WWII              Navy

Lansford, Bennett O.H.               WWII              Army

McBride, Cecil                                  Korea              Army

McDonald, Maurice R.                 WWII              Navy

Minor, Pickens                                 Civil War       Confederate

Minor, Walter H.                             WWII              Army

Moore, Willie E.                                WWII              Army

Morris, Earl                                                                     Army

Muse, Marvin D                               WWII              Marines

Payne, Freeman                               WWII              Army

Powell, William                               Civil War        Confederate

Raines, C.D. Hollis                          WWII              Army

Rasco, James D.                                                          Army

Riker, William Thomas

Robertson,     Henry W.               War of 1812         Virginia State Militia

Roper, Blenard H.                           WWII              Army

Stone, Fred A.                                   WWI               Army

Stone, J.J.                                            WWI               Army (56th Infantry)

Stone, John                                        WWI               Army

Stone, Kelly E.                                  Korea              Army

Stone, Thomas Hubert                                                            (Chaplain)

Taul, Arthur Lee                              WWII              Army

Taylor, Jessie H.                              Civil War       Confederate

Taylor, Jesse M.                               Civil War       Confederate

Taylor, John C.                                 Civil War        Confederate

Wallace, Doyle E.                            WWII              Army

Wallace, James G.                           Korea              Army

Weatherspoon, James A. “Jack”                        Army

Wheeler, Charles P. “Cowboy”   WWII              Army

Wheeler, Herman E                           Vietnam         Army

Whitten, Billy                                                                    Army

Whorton, Robert J. “Doc”              WWII              Army

Wilder, Frank                                        WWII              Army

Wingard, Thomas W.                        WWII              Army

Wood, Johnnie Jr.                                                          Army



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